Energy Management As A Service

Save up to 30% on your energy expenses by simply following prompts and recommendations.
Creates energy policy with measurable metrics
Track compliance
Utility bill verification
Diesel utilization trend analysis and deviation
Energy use analysis (Utility, Gas, Diesel or Solar)
Power demand analysis
Generator size efficiency
A.I powered energy baseline and forecast
Carbon tracker
Power quality logs
Alerts & Alarms
Email notifications
Unauthorized generator and load operations
Time of use of energy Sources
Single Site
Monitor 3 energy sources with 5 years historical archive. Analysis from 15 minutes to a year with unlimited email prompts on deviation alerts and budget performance.
Multi Site
Set organizational goals & track performance.  
  • Get periodic.
  • Performance ranking of all sites/mangers
  • Admin Portal
  • Multi level reporting
  • Access control
Build your solution, monitor as many sources and loads as you need.
  • Energy balance
  • Identify significant energy users

Smart Grid

Wyre provides smart metering solutions for IPPs using natural gas as a green source of energy to provide reliable power for underserved communities.
billed for our clients who have received over
in revenue using Wyre.
Access to live and historical data
Real time fault detection across network
Automated remote billing
Time of use billing (Demand response)
Forecast of expected revenue
Power quality monitoring
Custom alerts and alarms for instant notification