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Wyre has provided an incredible enterprise service which gives remote visibility to optimize our energy operations. The data has proven extremely useful and the team is very responsive.
Seun Jimo
Corporate Support
Wyre provides an invaluable solution of automated billing and network monitoring with real-time notifications for quick fault detection and action.
Yoloye Oyerinde
Commercial/Projects Manager
Successfully developed an energy analytic software for solar home systens.
Olabanjo Alimi
Head: Renewables and Mobility
Deciding to use Wyre has improved our operational efficiency, reduced physical visitations to customer sites and associated costs by up to 90%.
Olumide Dare
Managing Director
Wyre delivered a bespoke solution to track all energy sources and loads. This helps to manage our consumption, verify eneregy bills and apportion tenant bills.
Feyi Shasanya
Insights from Wyre has enabled us reduce our energy consumption and related carbon footprint by 29%. It pointed us to our HVAC and how to better schedule operations.
Nosa Otoghile
Asset Manager

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